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Our 6 oz of wax melts in shape bags hilariously reference your favorite shows and/or scents. A mix of shapes and chunks, each bag is different and so much fun! Don't forget to show your shapes in our FB closed group! Not a member? Join us @cattywax & get in on all the fun!

Scent descriptions:

A Few Good Summers Left (RHONY) A deliciously sexy, tropical mix of strawberry and coconut cream. A cool blend that’s perfect for foodies - chefs are sure to love it! 

Avery’s Favorite Apple Pie (RHONY) A mixture of fresh bakery scents, cinnamon & warm spices, slow baked apples and a flaky, buttery crust that Ramona’s best friend (and daughter) Avery, calls her favorite.

Bubba’s Couch (VPR) Notes of blackberry, detergent and spun sugar blend into the perfect mix of sweet and clean - A lovely blend of candy stuck in the couch & the never ending fresh laundry that Katie seems to be continually folding.

Cartagena Boat Trip (RHONY) A refreshing blend of sea salt, fresh, clean air and cool ocean breezes. The perfect calming blend after a boat ride from hell, and covers the scent of Montezuma’s revenge like a champ.

Chunky Sweater (VPR) A masculine, clean blend of sweater weather, driftwood and clean laundry fresh out of the dryer. Smells so good you’ll be sad that you had to rip it off & fight in a Vegas strip mall parking lot.

Flying Private (VPR) Reminiscent of your very best private jet vacation to a tropical luxury spa. A fruity, floral blend featuring melons, berries, musk, vanilla, plum, jasmine and a touch of milk & honey. A sweet, exotic mix your sugar daddy is sure to love (for now).

Hampton’s Clambake (RHONY) Ocean breeze, coconut milk, lavender, sea salt and orchid. This scent really smells like clean, calming, ocean breezes to me. The perfect scent to calm you down after a tacky friend leaves your clam bake early - taking a bag of lobsters.

Ibiza StrawberRAY (RHONY) Who doesn’t love a good coconut cream pie with strawberries and a pink sugar cookie crust? The pink sugar cookie really compliments the strawberry and the coconut cream mellows everything out. Who do you know that wouldn’t love that? WHOoOoOoOooo?

Kentucky Muffin (VPR) A blend of fresh baked buttery sweet cornbread muffins with a blackberry swirl and crunchy vanilla topping. As delicious to smell as Seasons 1-3 of VPR is to watch.

Mention ALL the Berries (RHONY) Bursting with fresh raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, blackberries and cherries. You wanted all the berries? We have them ALL right here in this juicy, sweet and tart berry blend.

Rinna’s Lunch Bag (RHOBH) A nutty blend featuring pistachio macarons, brown sugar, marshmallow cake and candied figs. It’s a mysterious, sweet blend that reminds you of those disco biscuit filled nights at Studio 54. A complex sweet blend that’s sultry, sexy and just a little nutty.

Turtle Time Tartlets (RHONY) A blend of tart lemon curd is topped with sweet juicy blueberries on a buttery fresh baked, crunchy cookie crust. A lemony, bakery, blueberry blend that’s a little sweet and just a little bit tart.

Vanderpump Pink Drink (RHOBH/VPR) Allllll the pinks - pink lemonade, pink champagne and pink mimosa come together in this GORGEOUS blend dahhhling. A tart, tropical blend that smells like the color pink!