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Hi there! Here's some info about Catty Wax and our ordering process. We're new, but dedicated to great customer service so I'm hoping our policies will evolve for the better!
1. Who and what is Catty Wax?
We offer flameless fragrance and wax melts to fragrance your home. I use the highest quality wax and fragrance oils and the maximum amount of fragrance that my wax can hold. Most of our fragrances celebrate silly moments from reality TV - usually Bravo.
2. How do I get BEST use out of my wax melts? 
I suggest using 1-2 cubes in a tealight or 20/24 Watt burner for the best fragrance throw. Wax performs differently in different locations. Avoid windows, fans & stairs areas for your warmers and your scent should throw stronger. The size of room will also affect your scent throw. Citrus scents are always lighter than sweet or bakery scents. Many factors contribute to the throw of your wax. 
3. How Often do you restock?
Currently, most of what is on the site is RTS. We will announce pre-orders and restocks on our Facebook page and Instagram page. 
4. How much is shipping?
Catty Wax charges $7.99 Flat rate for all US orders. International orders must be invoiced separately (after the order is placed) - shipping prices depend on the size, weight and method of shipping your order. We encourage you to please pay those invoices promptly so that we may ship your order to you as quickly as possible!
5. Can you combine orders?
Unfortunately we cannot change your order once it is placed. This includes your address, shipping method or additions to orders. 
6. Where & how do you ship?
We ship just about everywhere (except Great Britain - sorry)! I use USPS Priority for US and use the most cost effective method available when shipping International orders. Your package will arrive in a box or padded envelope depending on your choice at checkout. Please be aware that there is the risk of damage to items in the padded envelope, even though it is the most economical choice. I wrap items well but cannot guarantee safety in an envelope. You will receive a tracking number once your order ships.
7. What is the cancellation policy?
Sometimes a scent isn't for you-I get it! Simply mail your UNUSED, undamaged wax back to me within 14 days and I'll be happy to issue a refund once it's received. You are responsible for the return shipping costs.
8. What type of wax do you use?
We use a para soy wax blend. It lasts longer and throws better!
9. How long should I cure?
I suggest a 2 wk cure time for Catty Wax.
10. Is there a closed Facebook group?
11. What is your turn around time?
Catty Wax offers ready to ship wax and preorders. Everything listed on the website is RTS with a turn around time of 4-6 business days to process. Ship time depends on your location and method of shipping. Preorders ship approximately 4-6 weeks after date of order - tracking numbers will be sent automatically. I will also regularly update ship times on FB and Instagram. International orders are also 4-6 business days to ship after the customer pays their invoice on RTS items - 4-6 weeks on pre-orders.