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About Catty Wax

Smell and feel great while dancing around the dumpster fire we call reality tv with Catty Wax. Most of us won't admit it but we love something a little trashy on tv sometimes. 90 Day Fiance, RHOA, or if you're like me - all the shows, all the time 😳Hey, it's a great way to relax, unwind & feel a little better about your own life choices. 

Cheer for your favorite garbage humans with Catty Wax & shed the stress of the day with our natural, great smelling selection of bath and body products. Get ready to feel relaxed & smell dreamy while celebrating everything reality tv.

Be sure to join our exclusive private FB group to share the latest about your shows, spill tea & talk trash. Don’t see your show featured? Get it on the list! I love talking trash tv anytime & welcome all new shows and ideas.