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Real Housewives snap bar wax melt collection. My favorite is RHONY, so this is RHONY heavy (don't @ me), but all franchises are included! 

Scent List:

Bezerkshires Halloween: (RHONY) A festive blend of toasty fireside marshmallows, vanilla bean Noel and gingerbread pumpkin. Reminds me of eating gingerbread cookies by the fireplace. Careful if Lu’s lighting the fire!

Eat Some Bread!: (RHOBH) A delicious mix of lightly spiced Amish bread mixed with crusty baked bread. This is a delicious bakery blend that smells fresh from the oven. Great for striking fear in your annoying friends like Teddi. In those cases, don’t melt after midnight.

Farrah-ween: (RHOBH) A delicious blend of pumpkin firewood. The perfect blend for erecting a full size carnival including farris wheel in your back yard to celebrate your adult daughter’s birthday. And show off your wealth.

Gone With the Wind Fabulous: (RHOA) The warm fall scents of warm zucchini bread fresh from the oven & spiced chai tea. Fresh fig brightens the mix and twirls everything together.

Grand Dame: (RHOP) Gorgeous blend of rose jam, velvet sugar and tonka bean. A sweet, floral mix that’s so diving even Mrs. Huger would love it. The rose, velvet sugar and tonka work beautifully together making sure it’s not too floral or too sweet - it’s just right!

Here Lies Shannon Beador: RHOBH Sweet sage melds with lemongrass, fresh air, line dried laundry, bergamot, & herbs. The haunting scent of sweet jasmine in the wild woods is left lingering.

Pie for Breakfast: (RHOBH) Spiced pumpkin, creamy coffee and marshmallow fluff. A great morning blend to get you going! Feel like you ate pie & drank coffee even if you didn’t - like Erika, lol.

Tinsley’s Big Top Circus (RHONY) Get the festivities started with this big top blend featuring crackerjacks, pink AND blue cotton candy, candied apples & of course pinot grigio. A delicious blend that gives you all the exciting scents of the circus - minus the tears!

Trolly Smack: (RHOD) A bright blend of cranberry and yuzu. A perfect, citrus berry blend that will smack you in the face...or trolly! One of my favorites!!

Vow Renewal: (ALL) A sultry, mix of woodsmoke, falling leaves, oak moss, peppermint candy and amber. A mysterious, woodsy but bright and just a touch sweet scent to me. Full of hope - like that last grab for your once burning hunk of love. Good luck, might as well get a name tattoo while you’re at it.

West Palm Beach: (RHONY) A delicious, calming blend coconut and lavender. A little tropical, a little clean and very calming. Don’t get popped for a drunk & disorderly melt this one & BE COOL...

Weight: 1.7-2 oz bars. Place cubes into your warmer and enjoy!

We use a parasoy wax blend and the most fragrance recommended for the wax used. You're going to love the hot throw on my melts. 

About CATTYWAX: Please remember that every oil is different and smell is subjective. What might be weak to you could be strong to another customer, and some scents are stronger than others. Also keep in mind that each of my melts is handmade, so variations is color and decoration will occur. Our melts work best with tealight and 20/24W wax warmers.